MikroTik SFP & QSFP Modules - High-Speed Data Transmission Solutions


MikroTik offers a diverse range of SFP and QSFP modules designed to cater to various networking needs. Whether you're looking to transmit data across short distances using Multi Mode modules or across vast terrains with Single Mode modules, MikroTik has got you covered. The list also includes high-speed QSFP modules for data-intensive tasks and a variety of other modules for specialized requirements.

The S+RJ10 module enables high-speed connectivity of up to 10 Gbps over standard twisted-pair cables for devices with SFP+ ports. Experience seamless network upgrades without needing optical fiber.

The XS+DA0003 is a cutting-edge 3m direct attach cable that supports SFP 1G, SFP+ 10G, and the 25G SFP28 standard. Achieve high-speed connectivity across devices at an incredibly cost-effective rate.
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The MikroTik XQ+31LC02D is a high-performance QSFP28 module designed for 100 Gigabit setups up to 2km. Featuring wavelengths of 1271, 1291, 1311, and 1331 nm, it ensures superior reliability and speed in any environment.

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The MikroTik XQ+85MP01D is an advanced QSFP28 module designed to provide enhanced connectivity for distances up to 100 meters. Perfectly compatible with CCR2216, CRS504, and CRS518 setups, it boasts 100 Gbps aggregate bandwidth.